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Research Foundation Interest Meeting

On December 7, physicians and other healthcare providers from in and around the Bowling Green community met to discuss the opportunity to work together to produce meaningful research for the health system and the community. After hearing from Drs. Kazimuddin, Singh, Brown, Golla, and Joyce, the group was excited to get started and move forward to expand the reach of the Research Foundation.

The purpose of the Research Foundation is to promote robust research projects conducted by the medical residents, Fellows, healthcare students, Med Center Health employees, or medical staff in a collaborative manner between Western Kentucky Heart and Lung Research Foundation and Education Trust and Med Center Health.

The Research Foundation, a multidisciplinary group of physicians and other healthcare providers will meet with the medical students, residents, and fellows on a monthly basis. The Foundation members will listen to the resident/ fellow/ student discuss the research proposal and provide constructive feedback to the resident/ fellow/ student and may serve as a mentor for the project. Any other individual, such as a physician or other Med Center Health employee wishing to pursue a research project involving Med Center Health should also present before the Foundation. All research projects will receive final, written approval from Dr. Mohammed Kazimuddin, Foundation President, and Drs. Aniruddha Singh and Melinda Joyce, Co-Chairs.

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